Local florists adapt to pandemic, offer contactless flower delivery

Uncategorized By Apr 18, 2023

Local florists have adapted to the pandemic by offering contactless flower delivery as a safe and convenient option for customers. This service allows customers to order flowers online or by phone and have them delivered without physical contact. Local florists have also diversified their offerings by selling plants and home decor items, creating pre-made arrangements, offering virtual consultations, and creating wedding packages that provide smaller and more affordable options for couples. Contactless flower delivery offers benefits such as safety, convenience, and flexibility, and many local florists are still offering custom arrangements with this service.

Local Florists Adapt to Pandemic, Offer Contactless Flower Delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses worldwide to adapt and innovate in order to keep themselves afloat. The floral industry, in particular, has been hit hard as weddings, events, and large gatherings have been canceled or postponed, resulting in a significant loss of revenue for local florists. However, many have pivoted their business models and have found creative ways to adapt to the pandemic, including offering contactless flower delivery.

What is Contactless Flower Delivery?

Contactless flower delivery is a service provided by florists in response to the pandemic. It allows customers to order flowers online or by phone and have them delivered without any physical contact. The delivery driver will leave the flowers at the recipient’s doorstep or another designated location, and they will be notified of the delivery via text or email. This not only ensures the safety of both the recipient and the delivery driver but also provides a convenient and safe option for flower delivery during these uncertain times.

How Have Local Florists Adapted?

Local florists have had to think outside the box to keep their businesses running during the pandemic. Many have turned to offering contactless flower delivery as a way to continue providing their services while ensuring safety. Some have also started selling plants and other home decor items to diversify their offerings and generate additional revenue streams.

Other ways local florists have adapted include:

1. Creating pre-made arrangements: Florists have created pre-made arrangements for customers to choose from, making the ordering process faster and easier. This also eliminates the need for customers to spend time in-store or work with a florist to create a custom arrangement.

2. Virtual consultations: With many in-person consultations canceled due to the pandemic, florists have been offering virtual consultations via video chat. This allows customers to still receive personalized advice and guidance for their floral needs, while also adhering to social distancing guidelines.

3. Wedding packages: The pandemic has caused many weddings to be postponed or downsized, but local florists have come up with creative ways to still provide their services for these events. Some have created wedding packages that offer smaller, more affordable options for couples who still want to incorporate floral arrangements into their special day.

Benefits of Choosing Contactless Flower Delivery

There are several benefits to choosing contactless flower delivery during the pandemic, including:

1. Safety: By avoiding physical contact, both the recipient and the delivery driver can stay safe and healthy.

2. Convenience: Ordering flowers online or by phone and having them delivered to your doorstep is convenient and easy, especially if you’re unable to visit a florist in person.

3. Flexibility: With contactless delivery, you can have flowers delivered to any location, whether it’s a home, office, or another preferred spot.


1. Can I still order custom arrangements with contactless delivery?

Yes, many local florists are still offering custom arrangements with contactless delivery. However, it’s always best to check with the florist to see what options are available.

2. How will I know when my flowers have been delivered?

The delivery driver will usually send a text or email notification once your flowers have been delivered.

3. Is contactless delivery more expensive than traditional delivery?

Prices for contactless delivery will vary depending on the florist and location. However, many florists have adjusted their prices to account for the additional safety measures required during the pandemic.

In conclusion, local florists have had to adapt and evolve in order to survive during the pandemic. By offering contactless flower delivery, they have found a way to continue providing their services while prioritizing safety. So if you’re in need of flowers or want to support your local florist, consider choosing contactless delivery for your next floral purchase.